The Top Five Obsessions of Brides

The Top Five Obsessions of Brides

Although every bride is an individual, there are certain things that many brides obsess over. Obviously, the perfect wedding is the biggest one. These are five more of the top things that brides are obsessed with:

One: Sparkle! Brides love anything that glitters, shines, and dazzles. The more bling the better! Brides love the glamor of crystal bridal jewelry. Wearing hair bridal jewelry, like a stunning tiara, made from crystal will make any bride feel like royalty for a day. But the sparkle doesn’t have to stop with their wedding jewelry; brides are hanging crystal chandeliers for their receptions, dripping teardrop crystals from their bouquets, and even filling vases with colored crystals before adding the flowers for the centerpieces.

Two: The perfect dress. There is no doubt that the perfect wedding starts with the perfect dress, and brides will go to almost any length to find their dream dress. In fact, some brides are so obsessed with wedding dresses that they even buy two: a big princess dress for the ceremony, and then a slinkier gown for the reception and the party.

Three: Personalized everything. Brides love anything that they can customize, especially with their monogram. There is no detail too small to add your monogram or motif to; the ribbon on the bouquet needs an embroidered one, the favor boxes are hot stamped with it, and even the soles of the bride’s shoes have her wedding date done in crystals (see obsession number one!). Brides also love to personalize the gifts that they give, especially for their bridesmaids. Engraved sterling silver jewelry is one of the most popular types of bridesmaid gifts.

Four: The wedding cake. No longer is the wedding cake simply a white cake that is served for dessert after dinner. It has become one of the main focal points of the wedding. Brides want their cakes to look like art, with every imaginable type of design and embellishment. If it features a monogram or a custom motif, even better (see above)!

Five: Celebrity weddings. We may not all be rich and famous, but for most brides they hope to have a wedding as fabulous as the one thrown by their favorite celebrities. Brides pore over the trendy bridal magazines and websites absorbing all of the details of the latest nuptials of the stars: where was it, who attended, what were the flowers like, and above all, what gown did she wear (see number two).

The funniest thing about this list of the obsessions of brides is that there is one thing not on it: the groom! Hopefully in the thrill of planning the perfect wedding, he doesn’t get forgotten completely. But grooms, don’t worry; before you know it the wedding day will come and go, and you will be back to being the center of her attention – until you have kids.

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